Message of the chairman

Dear members,

Last Wednesday, the General Assembly (ALV) approved with a large majority to take control of the bar's operation ourselves, along with our members.
As a result, the ALV has also decided to implement a volunteer policy with a mandatory club service for our senior members between 18 and 75 years old.

Bar operation starting from August 1st

Due to the departure of Robin and José, the association will now handle the bar service internally. To ensure smooth operation, a bar committee consisting of four members has been formed.
The main idea is that ELTV will handle purchasing, sales, kitchen operations, and staffing with its own members, possibly supplemented by paid staff.

Volunteer policy and club service

In addition to bar staff, ELTV also requires members to assist in other tasks within the association. Involvement in committees, club or bar service, or the board should be the norm for everyone. Keeping this in mind, the ALV has decided this week to clearly express this norm:
Every senior member of ELTV is expected to contribute a minimum of 9 hours per year (4 hours in 2023) of club service for the association. This club service can involve participating in committees or performing various support tasks.
In exceptional cases, members can choose to opt-out of this club service by paying an additional contribution to the association of €90.00 per year (€40.00 in 2023).

What will happen now?

After the formal decision-making by the ALV this week and this publication on the website, each of you will receive an email in the coming week. This email will explain how the club service works and provide options to choose from. We kindly request you to respond and indicate how you will contribute to the association. Some of you are already actively involved; in that case, please indicate what you are already doing. Those who wish to opt-out of the club service can indicate their motivation in this email. However, we count on your involvement with the club!
In the coming weeks, we will assess everyone's preferences and distribute the club services accordingly. This will take some time. If you are interested in joining a committee, we can understand that more background information may be needed before making a final decision.
The entire process is expected to be completed by early September, but we will do our best to expedite it so that everyone knows where they stand. The priority lies in organizing the bar services. As mentioned during the ALV, the pavilion is expected to be temporarily closed in August to make necessary preparations.


We understand that this will be a significant change for many. With the important decision regarding the club service, ELTV has set a direction for how we envision the association for the coming years: vibrant through the active participation of everyone. The positive reactions during and after the ALV clearly indicate widespread support for this! Therefore, we count on further positive response and a good allocation of all committee and other club services.

On behalf of the board, 

Louis van Uden


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