ELTV Registration form. English translation for section called "Vragen "


Do you want to become a member at a later date than the registration date?


Then mention this in the block "Opmerking" at the bottom of the registration form.


Direct debit is a condition for membership:




Ongoing authorization for European direct debit........ S€PA


Name..................: ELTV


Address...............: Koudenhovenseweg-Noord 70


Zip code..............: 5631 AX.................., Place of residence : Eindhoven


Country................: Netherlands


Collector ID: NL88ZZZ402355650000


Description direct debit: = ELTV member number, will be filled in later.




By sending this form you give permission to ELTV continuously send


direct debit orders to your bank to debit an amount from your account


for contributions, competition contributions and registration fees.


If you do not agree with this direct debit, you can have it reversed.


To do so, contact your bank within eight weeks of direct debit.


Ask your bank about the terms and conditions.


You also agree to the general terms and conditions for


membership of ELTV.


I read the terms. Checkbox check required




The following does not apply if you become a tea member!


You are obliged to submit a recent passport photo.


You are requested to upload a portrait photo digitally (.jpg format


minimum size 300 x high 400 pixels!! ) in the header of this registration form.


The KNLTB demands that the photo displays the face head-on!!


So no holiday photo on the terrace or a fun photo!




If you register as a student, you are obliged to send a copy of your
student card or proof of registration to he membership administration.




If applicable: Check checkbox and send proof!


If no proof is sent in you will be registered as an active member
with corresponding contribution!!




Have you been a member of a tennis club before or if you are


currently a member of another tennis club, please fill in the above


under "Activities" your KNLTB number and rating strengths!!


If KNLTB number unknown then leave all fields blank!!


If applicable. Is anyone in the family already a member of ELTV?

Are you planning to play competition?



The following questions are important for our association for our policy


and we kindly ask you to answer these questions as well.


Have you been a member of ELTV before? If so, when?

What is the reason to join ELTV / How did you hear from us?

Are you willing to volunteer at ELTV?


If so, do you prefer volunteering?

(Board/Commission/Occasional work such as tournaments, events, etc)


Do you have specific knowledge that may be important for ELTV?

In case you play tennis competition at a different club then please
provide the name and club number under “Opmerking”.