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Welcome at ELTV 

Are you looking for a nice tennis club where many activities are being organized?
Where you can relax on the terrace with a delicious drink or even a meal?
And where it is also a nice atmosphere because of the beautiful park and the friendly people?
Then you have come to the right place! ELTV is one of the oldest tennis clubs in Eindhoven with a rich history.
Do you want to know more or become a member? On this site you will find useful information about the club.

About ELTV

The Eindhoven Lawn Tennis Vereniging, ELTV, was founded on January 4, 1929 and is one of the oldest tennis clubs in Eindhoven and the South of the Netherlands.
ELTV has had a glorious history and has produced many tennis champions at national and international level.
The last and most famous ELTV tennis symbols are Paul Haarhuis and Sjeng Schalken.
  The club has currently +/- 700 members.
The ELTV tennis courts are beautifully embedded in the residential area "De Karpen" and are surrounded by a unique vegetation.
Our tennis park is known as one of the most beautiful tennis parks in the Netherlands, not least at the hands of our former Honorary President Mr Frits Philips.
It was him who took cuttings of trees and plants for his park on his many foreign trips.
In total there are 11 courts, 7 gravel and 4 all-weather, 10 of them have LED lighting.

How to become a member 

Would you like to join? You can! ELTV is happy to welcome you as a new member.
You can sign up throughout the year. The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. When you become a member during the year, the contribution will be calculated for the first year as follows:
Until May 1st you pay 100%, after May 1st 70% and after 1 September 40% of the yearly contribution.
This one-time discount is for new members only. The payment of the membership fees is handled by direct debit.



Annual membership fee


One time registration fee



€ 187,50



€ 115,00



€ 70,00



€ 90,00


Tea member

€ 35,00


Family maximum

€ 675,00 **


Senior: From the year in wich you turn 18!
Junior: 9-17 years old
Pupils: 2-8 years old
Student: full time student at MBO, HBO and WO
When you want to use this membership, you are obliged to send a copy of your student card or registration certificate with an indication of address to the member administration before December 1st each year.
Tea members are non tennis playing members.

**Family maximum is the total maximum membership fees per family or household. This does not include other possible fees.

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Activities and events

ELTV regularly organizes fun activities and events. For example, there is the spring and autumn tennis competition for youth and for seniors on different days during the week and during the weekend.
In addition, you can participate in the ladder competition. This is an internal competition, where you can challenge someone who is higher up the ladder.
There are also regular tournaments, such as
Robin's open, (youth) club championships, ELTV open tournament and for the youth the Small Slam tournament.

ELTV has been hosting the international youth tennis Amjoy Cup for a number of years now.
During this tournament, the top youth of the world plays the most exiting matches, which you can just come and watch! The
 Amjoy Cup is one of the highlights of the tennis season.

Tennis lessons

Whether you are just starting out with tennis or you are already playing a nice tennis game: lessons are also offered at ELTV. For both young people and seniors there are daily training lessons given at all levels. Group size is from 2 to 8 people, or you can also get personal training. The tennis lessons for the seniors and the youth are provided by Amjoy organisation. 
If you would like to get tennis lessons, you must become a member of ELTV and you need to register for the training lessons separately.

How to cancel your membership

If you want to cancel your membership, you must do so before December 1st of the year preceding the new season.
If you are not sure if you want or can still play tennis the following year, at least cancel before 1 December.
You can then become a member again without any problem.

You can cancel by email stating your name, member number and reason for cancellation. 

More information? 

For further questions, please send an e-mail to:

We hope to see you soon  at ELTV!